March 26, 2015
People & Culture

How to Be Happier at Your Next Job

The Difference Between Eudaimonic & Hedonic Happiness Is The Key

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, there are certain characteristics that we typically prioritize when we’re looking for our ideal job. These often include a good salary, generous perks and benefits, a position at a well-respected company, and perhaps even a prestigious role or title. But as it turns out, these priorities can lead …

Alexandra Russell
March 12, 2015
People & Culture

Why it’s okay to ignore your boss

Your ability to be self-sufficient may be the best way to get your boss’s attention

Originally published on on March 1, 2015 The excitement of getting a new job: is it even possible to accurately describe this feeling? You feel accomplished and, more importantly, special. And you should. You’re eager about your new role and your new company — maybe you’re starting a more senior position or finally landed …

David Reese
March 10, 2015
Customer Experience

The Impact of Wearables on Customer Experience

"Friction Free" Comes to the Offline World

Patent disputes aside, Amazon’s 1-Click is emblematic of one of the most important customer experience paradigms: that creating a path of least resistance for customers is essential. This is obviously true for online experiences, where bottom lines can be drastically affected by mere milliseconds. Every little bit of friction can be measured in lost dollars. …

The Medallia Team