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Medallia for Facebook Reviews

Monitor, analyze, and respond to reviews posted on location-specific Facebook Pages

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As Facebook Reviews is rapidly increasing in popularity as a review site of choice, brands need a scalable way to monitor, analyze and take action on Facebook reviews posted for every location. Medallia for Facebook Reviews automates review management directly within Medallia Experience Cloud.

Reviews, comments, and posts are automatically collected and combined with other customer feedback, all in one dashboard, streamlining customer understanding and the ability to respond effectively.

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive view and rich analysis of local-level Facebook Reviews within Medallia
  • Ability to leverage Text Analytics on review comments to extract customer sentiment and key drivers of satisfaction and disappointment
  • Alerts, workflow and closed-loop feedback to flag reviews based on scores, keywords, timing or other attributes defined by the user
  • Ability to respond directly to Facebook Reviews from within the Medallia dashboard.
  • Role-based access and reporting that enables location managers to access social reporting and analytics specific to their property and corporate users to access review feedback and reporting across the organization.
  • Ability to directly add location-based Facebook URLs and easily authenticate

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