Turning millions of incoming customer calls into a good thing

The Challenge

Focus 91,000 cable employees on customer experience (CX) and empower them to make change happen.

What They Did

Comcast adopted a Net Promoter System® to understand and improve customer and employee sentiment and loyalty. To do this, the company deployed Medallia Experience Cloud, which captures customer and employee feedback, integrates it with other operational data, provides reporting in real time, distributes the data and insights company-wide through role-based dashboards, and drives action to improve the customer and employee experiences.

Team Empowerment

Customer feedback to the frontline every day. That same frontline provides feedback and ideas via monthly pulse surveys. Frontline managers and supervisors bring the voices of customers and team members together in regular team huddles, during which members review and discuss scores, comments, shout-outs, and “Elevations” (ideas for action). Once submitted, their progress is tracked and communicated back to the teams.


In the first year of deploying the Net Promoter System, Comcast saw a significant improvement in customer NPS and an average 20-point increase in employee NPS across the initial sites deployed. And after the company followed through on feedback from both groups, those call centers experienced a reduction of several million incoming customer calls, resulting in a positive ROI on Comcast’s Medallia investment within a single month and tremendous cost reduction over time.

Source: Case Study, The New Comcast: Empowering Employees to Drive a Customer Experience Transformation

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