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Create a better brand experience for every customer every time

Prioritize what matters most to customers

Medallia can help telecommunications companies prevent churn, grow average revenue per user, and reduce the cost to serve. By applying AI to vast amounts of customer data, we help organizations create more personalized, engaging experiences that foster emotional connections. Armed with real-time customer and employee insights, frontline teams are empowered to anticipate and prioritize actions that will drive loyalty in the moments that matter most.

Prioritize what matters most to customers

“Medallia always goes the extra mile to support your business. They offer solutions and best practices that support your goals and encourage trying new things to make an impact. Their innovative technology and their amazing team just keep getting better.”


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Delight customers by responding to their needs with the same speed, interactivity, and connectivity they get from your network

  • Use AI to analyze signals across the customer journey — accessing the insights you need without over surveying.
  • Combine operational, customer, and experience data to identify and proactively target promoters with personalized offers that drive revenue.
  • Engage employees to identify and break down barriers to job satisfaction and excellent customer service delivery.
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The pandemic provided telcos with an opportunity to shine by delivering stability and connectivity amidst profound uncertainty as most facets of human interaction shifted online. The ability to leverage this potential is the decisive factor in determining if your business will thrive or fail. Is your company ready?

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Extract greater value from your feedback

Act on real-time subscriber and advertiser signals to transform the user experience and drive revenue at every point in the journey

  • Use direct video, speech, or open-text feedback to learn the content themes and concepts that drive the greatest ROI.
  • Discover actionable suggestions for better content curation, personalization, and user interface improvements.
  • Combine feedback data from all sources to build a complete view of consumer viewing habits and take action to reduce churn.
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25 pt. 

increase in NPS in four years.



response time improvement.



increase in sales opportunities.



days contract to launch timeframe.


Unleashing Experience to Revolutionize the B2B Industry

Report: How B2Bs Win With an Experience-Driven Business Model

Revenue growth, increased profitability, operational efficiencies, customer loyalty, and an engaged workforce are the success metrics every B2B company strives to achieve. But how? This research report uncovers three major findings that distinguish top-performing companies from low performers and examines why many leading B2B companies are turning to a new model that prioritizes experiences above all else.

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