Deliver the best customer & agent experiences

Continuously learn from every interaction to empower organization-wide improvement and agent engagement

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Deliver the best customer & agent experiences

Continuously learn from every interaction to empower organization-wide improvement and agent engagement

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Be the contact center your customers love

Contact centers have evolved leaps and bounds in the past few years but customers still expect more. They want to feel valued and have their problems solved quickly. Medallia helps you deliver amazing customer service with our easy-to-use solutions that scale with your business. Whether you are looking to empower agents or operational teams, we can create better experiences for your teams and your customers.

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Brands building world-class contact centers with Medallia

Redefine the omnichannel experience

With the right knowledge and ability to act in real time, contact centers have the power to transform agent and customer experiences. As these experiences continue to face evolving challenges, your contact centers can be the bridge for all omnichannel interactions. Medallia integrates customer and agent interactions with feedback and digital experiences to uncover the truth behind all interactions and surface issues at scale.

Holistic view of every touchpoint

Take advantage of market-leading signal capture, including call audio, transcripts, chat logs, IVR, agent case notes, survey comments and digital experience.

Surface and track emerging issues

Leverage industry-leading AI-powered analytics to alert cross-functional teams as issues arise for near-real time resolution.

Empower customers in their channel of choice

Anticipate and help customers where they are at to improve their experience and reduce call center volume.

Remove the friction for your customers and call centers

Meet customers where they are and move them seamlessly across channels at times that work for them—and you. Mindful by Medallia is the leader in intelligent callback and improves the call center experience for customers and agents by offering customers a choice when contacting a brand. Customers love the choice and freedom, and brands love the improvements to handle time, CSAT, and FCR.

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Equip every agent with the right details

Stop putting your customers on hold while your agents log into disparate systems trying to figure out who is calling and why. Medallia is uniquely positioned to drive action from every team member by providing customer feedback and metrics to solve problems in the moment. Gone are the days of siloed data, replaced by shared insights driving changes that will prevent problems from reoccuring. 

Want to learn more about driving transformation in your contact centers? Read our new e-book about change management best practices.

Create a culture of continuous improvement

Empower teams by giving agents direct access to unified quality scores from feedback signals, quality reviews, and performance dashboards for proactive self-coaching and improvement. 

Eliminate agent pain points

Uncover broken processes, policies, and technology in-the-moment, reducing agent attrition.

More effective coaching with less preparation

Collaborative approach to coaching with context by saving feedback, QA reviews, and metrics to future 1:1 sessions.

Streamline actionable quality assurance programs

Identify high-value interactions and moments that matter for more targeted QA.

Improve all experiences, globally

Your customers are global, so why would your insights be anything less? Medallia leads the industry with speech transcription available in 32 languages and text analytics fully supported in 19. But oftentimes your agents (or BPO teams) speak a different dialect than your customers. Medallia handles that too, so you can rest assured that the analysis driving your team’s actions accurately represents your customers. 

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“Customer care call centers cost a lot of money. We have been able to turn that around through the Team of Experts, and contribute to our bottom line and revenue for our organization”

Denise Vidal

Senior Director, Frontline & Customer Experience, T-Mobile

With Medallia, T-Mobile achieved:


Year over year revenue 


Increase of 25 points in NPS


Reduced customer churn to less than 1%