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Introducing Voice of the Customer to
The Internet of Things

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IoT offers new capabilities to sense and control physical products and real-world experiences. CIOs and CX pros need each other’s help to weave relevant context and control available from IoT sources into customer journeys.



Medallia Digital Anywhere

Intelligently engage your customers about their experiences through any connected device.

Discover how Medallia Digital Anywhere strengthens customer intelligence and creates amazing moments that show you care about every experience.

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Engage Customers Anywhere

Segment and collect feedback through any internet-connected device or platform, no matter where your customers are.

Engage Customers Anywhere
Humanize the Digital Experience

Humanize the Digital Experience

Unify feedback with machine-generated device data to drive automated device improvements, operational efficiency, and personalized services.

Customize Without Limits

Centrally build survey content and targeting logic, applied in real-time to reduce IT burden and enable rapid CX innovations, all self-serve.

Customize Without Limits


See Digital Anywhere in action

Medallia Digital Anywhere can be implemented in skills for smart speakers like Amazon Alexa-enabled devices or Google Home to better understand device-integrated experiences

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Expand into new digital frontiers

Feedback On Any Device

Engage customers with organic feedback that feels like a natural extension of their customer journey

Analytics Integration

Enrich the voice of the customer with operational and behavioral data from devices.

Customized Look-and-Feel

Reflect and extend a favorable brand experience with a beautiful user experience that matches the experience of your devices.

Easy Administration

Deploy changes in minutes with easy-to-use, self-service capabilities – without pushing a device or software update


Make calls to and from any digital device without embedded third-party code

Advanced Behavioral Targeting

Leverage all of the data at your disposal to target specific users or parts of the journey that you care most about

Real-time Alerting

Solve real problems for your customers, even before they tell you there's an issue

Flexible Implementation Options

Medallia has options to meet you at any point of your CX or digital journey

Prescriptive Insights

Find new insights by connecting machine-generated data with human feedback.


Medallia Digital Anywhere

Medallia Digital Anywhere allows brands to reach customers in radically new ways. Learn how capturing the voice of customer from connected devices can improve your customer intelligence.

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