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Capture more G2 Reviews in-app from your most engaged customers using the G2 + Medallia Integration.

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1. Capture more G2 Reviews by asking while users are in-app

2. Securely solicit customer feedback without sharing customer lists

3. Improve standing in G2 reports and the G2 Grid

What's Included

With the G2 Reviews + Medallia integration, companies can meet customers where they are by creating workflows in their native apps to request G2 Reviews from specific user segments.

The process is simple: Medallia serves up different notifications and requests while customers are using your app. With this integration, one of the requests can prompt users to leave a G2 Review, which once approved will automatically appear on your G2 product profile — without your user ever having to leave your app.

Increase organic, authentic, and comprehensive G2 Reviews — without having to share customer lists or send a single email — by using strategically timed and targeted in-app Medallia prompts.

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