Using a data-driven approach to improve guest satisfaction

“The insights we receive from Medallia allows our team members to immediately understand what is working and what needs improvement, which enables accountability across our business."

Kayley McMahon,

Consumer Insights Manager, Noodles & Company

With guest satisfaction always being top of mind, Noodles & Company is made up of more than 450 restaurants and thousands of passionate team members. Noodles’ unique culture is built on the value of “Loving Life,” which begins by nourishing and inspiring every team member and guest who walks through the door.

With hundreds of restaurant locations across the US, Noodles desires to understand the “why” behind a low satisfaction score or a guest not returning, which became even more important when COVID-19 changed the way restaurants operate.

Noodles turned to Medallia to help the company use data-driven, real-time guest insights to motivate their team and the organization to pivot quickly and make decisions to better serve their guests, which led to an increased NPS and enabled the company to close 98% of alerts within 48 hours. 

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